Green Screen Photo Booth

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Custom Green Screen Photo Booth Background

Are you looking to add something a little more festive to your wedding reception? Our green screen photo booth will instantly insert a custom background image of your choosing behind your guests.

Do you want a Great Gatsby themed party? Would you like to transport your guests to the middle of the Saharan Desert, or, even better, to your favorite ski resort mountain? Your green screen photo booth will only be limited by your imagination. We can make it happen!

green screen photo booth

Multiple Background Images

green screen photo booth

Exposure can provide multiple, changing green screen photo booth background images, combined into a single photo print. Your wedding guests will be able to see themselves transported into different backgrounds of your choosing. Great for themed weddings!

Studio Lighting Equipment

The secret sauce?  Our studio lighting setups.

While we would love to tell you that we are the best photo booth company out there, that point is probably open to argument. However, we can guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have THE BEST green screen photo booth service out there. Hands down. Simply put, no other photo booth company has invested the time and technology necessary to instantly transport your guests into another world, in real time. We use multiple flash units to get even light distribution behind your guests, to avoid the green screen photo booth shadows and jarring green “solar flares” prevalent with other providers.

Your guests will be able to see themselves in the guest facing LCD screen. They can even interact with the background image if they want!

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green screen photo booth