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Hashtag Printer San Francisco

Don’t want to wait forever to see the photos from your wedding?
Encourage your guests to upload to Instagram with our Hashtag Printing!  They will get instant photo prints, and you will get instant wedding photos!
Crowd source your wedding photos and see your big day from an angle you otherwise couldn’t – your guest’s point of view!
hashtag printer san francisco

Our Hashtag Printer will monitor Instagram for all content uploaded to your specific wedding hashtag. Everything uploaded to that hashtag will be instantly printed on a glossy, photo lab quality 4×6 print at your Exposure Photo Booth.

Exposure will advise and help select the best wedding hashtag for you, along with seamlessly integrating it into your wedding theme.

We will also have our social sharing and email kiosks out, so your guests will be encouraged to tweet, share and email ALL of their wedding photos, not just their photo booth photos! Have your friends and family generate instant wedding photo content for you!

How our hashtag printing generates instant wedding photos for you.

hashtag printer san francisco

Snap it.

Guests take a picture on their phones.
hashtag printer san francisco

Tag it.

Guests hashtag the photo on Instagram or Twitter with your specific wedding hashtag.
(i.e. #SmithWedding2014)
hashtag printer san francisco

Print it.

Guests pick up their printed picture, complete with custom graphic overlay, from your Exposure Photo Booth.

We will design a custom graphic overlay just for your hashtag printing, in addition to the custom graphics that are included with all of our photo booths. Your wedding guests will be uploading photos of your venue and ceremony, your dining arrangements, dancing and partying to Instagram. All content uploaded to your specific wedding hashtag will be printed instantly at your Exposure Photo Booth.

Exposure will seamlessly integrate your experience using special signage containing your wedding hash tag, and encouraging your guests to upload and share.
hashtag printer san francisco
hashtag printer san francisco