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762 Professional headshots produced over two days using our Headshot Lounge

Conference Headshot Photo Booths

“My Headshot is 12 years old.” – Everyone

We just returned from Chicago after attending the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology annual conference at the Marriott Magnificent Mile.  The Exposure Photo Booths team was sought out to provide a magazine quality headshot lounge for the hundreds of physicians and high tech professionals in attendance.  Our team produced over 6000 total photos which resulted in over 762 finalized, approved portraits in just two days in the exhibit hall.

Even more important than the quality of equipment we bring, is the expert coaching we provide for all guests.  We will help your attendees pose, very thoroughly.  Checking both sides of guests faces, trying several different poses, offering small postural adjustments, getting guests to laugh, taking surprise snaps when the attendees are not expecting them – all of this leads to capturing a more authentic facial expression, which always equals a higher quality headshot.  For instance, the more noise your guests make in the headshot lounge, the more authentic their expression will be.  Laughs, deep breaths, light hearted chuckles, these always add up to a more authentic facial expression, which is where the magic begins.  The real person is expressed and captured on camera, instantly, when everything comes together.  We work incredibly hard with each and every guest to make sure they get one, usable headshot.  Some folks can take a couple photos, pick one out quickly, and it’s a breeze for them.  Some guests need to be worked with extensively to get a great headshot out of them.  We work incredibly hard, we keep the guest experience fun, we know how to get a great photo out of literally anybody.   

Exposure’s headshot team will create a branded microsite, instantly, for every single guest.  No one wants to wade through thousands of photos to find their portraits later!  We use a proprietary technology which instantly uses your preferred branding to create a unique URL for each guest to be able to easily refer back to at a later date.  On top of them receiving their portraits instantly via our sharing kiosk!

UNRIVALED ROI – No other form of attendee engagement can generate the organic buzz you will receive from offering a Headshot Lounge

It is so important to Exposure that every single guest has a great experience.  We want you to get what you came for – an amazing, brilliant, crisp, well balanced headshot.  We follow the same posing process with every client, get them to move, bring their faces to life and capture an authentic expression.  And we can do this for hundreds and hundreds of attendees per day, with our quick, easy, painless, FUN process.  We relentlessly pursue even the “toughest” photo takers with coaching tips, jokes, everything we have.  We will say anything to make you laugh.  We are completely shameless.  Every single person who comes through your headshot lounge deserves a great portrait.  Sometimes we have to take 2-3 shots, sometimes we have to take 20, and always, every single time, do we end the session on a high note and delivery a great, usable, approved image to every attendee.  

Phrases overheard most often during this last event were “You took better photos of me than we’ve ever had working with our company photographer” and “I can’t believe how well these turned out.”  

We don’t just use a regular old photo booth for our headshot clients.  We use the very best in full frame cameras, portrait lenses, and tethered sharing technologies to be able to deliver your attendees magazine quality, electrically charged headshots, instantly!  Our headshot lounge experience is leaps and bounds above all of your expectations, delivered at a fair price, without all of the marketing fluff and buzzwords our competitors use.   

headshot lounge guest at ASNC 2019
headshot lounge participant

There is so much that goes into your headshot lounge experience.  We set up our camera at the exact distance to subject neccesary to deliver a powerful image.  We have all the high speed gear, incredibly diffuse light sources, kit which captures all of the light and color and contrast in the world, but the most important part about the entire experience is the human aspect.  Actually understanding other people, knowing where they are coming from, knowing the type of image they want expressed onto their digital canvas, that is where the magic happens.  Being able to coach someone, work with someone, within minutes of meeting them is something which is acquired over thousands and thousands of interactions.  Our team prides itself on working with everyone from all walks of life to help them craft the perfect professional photo for their purposes. 

As far as photo purposes go, we always grant full usage rights to all of our headshots in the headshot lounge.  You and your guests are always welcome to use your photos however you see fit.  Whether it’s updating your website, uploading a (ahem) more accurate photo to your LinkedIn profile, or providing a consistent headshot style for every single employee on your entire team, the Exposure Headshot Booths team is up to the challenge. 



headshot lounge at ASNC 2019