Headshot Photo Booth vs. regular Headshot Photographer – what is the difference?

You have several options when it comes to choosing a headshot provider for your upcoming conference, convention or trade show.  The team here at Exposure Headshot Booths wrote this article to help you research the best headshot solution for your event size and budget, keeping the goal of your headshots in mind as well.

Option One – A traditional headshot photographer

The most affordable option for you to be able to offer headshots at your next event is just any old regular, local photographer.  Most headshot photographers work one on one with their clients, at their private studio.  The client can usually try several different outfits on, take many photos with several different backdrops to find the best look for their complexion and business sector.  This is a slower, more intimate experience, where the headshot photographer gets a chance to really get to know you, and get to know exactly the type of expression and style of headshot you are looking for.  Then, your photographer usually spends several hours at a later time in their workflow, to edit your photos in their post production process.  The final “keepers” are delivered to you, often weeks or even a couple months later.  Most traditional photographers do NOT want to work with huge crowds and numbers of guests, and instead work one on one, in this more relaxed, traditional approach.  You also have to wait for the portrait to be delivered at a later date.  But this is probably your most economical option available. 

Option Two – A Headshot Photo Booth provides instant digital delivery

When you hire a professional headshot photo booth provider like Exposure, the key difference is the sheer volume of guests you can service, and the instant digital delivery method.  A good headshot booth provider can handle hundreds of event attendees per day.  There is no need to wait weeks or months for your guests to receive their portraits.  A true headshot booth provider means that your attendees have instant access to their finalized professional headshot photos.  All of our rentals come complete with our instant sharing kiosk, and your guests can look through their photos immediately, and send themselves their preferred selections, in full resolution, instantly.  A true headshot photo booth specialist is also completely used to the volume and pace of work needed for conferences and conventions.

Option Three – Any old photo booth rental company 

Lots of photo booth rental providers think they can now offer a ” headshot booth ” without any professional photography experience or equpiment.  They use cheap crop sensor cameras with kit lenses, and call it a headshot booth.  Beware this type of provider.  The end result is a flat image, completely lacking the shallow depth of field and electric charge that a proper headshot is supposed to have.  The team at Exposure has custom built headshot booths, using only full frame cameras for incredible color, 7 foot softbox umbrellas for a beautiful diffuse light source, and 85 mm portrait lenses, specically tailored to provide the “bokeh” look found in true professional headshots.  

headshot photo booth portrait
Brunette woman headshot photo booth
headshot photo booth subject
white man headshot photo booth
Asian man headshot photo booth

So if you are looking for someone who can provide hundreds of professional grade headshots per day, using pro gear, with instant digital delivery, you want to book one of the leading, national level Headshot Booth providers!

Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, or don’t mind skimping on the quality of your portraits, you can hire a traditional headshot photographer or any old local photo booth company. 

Headshot Photo booth sharing kiosk for instant digital delivery

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